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Rowan Stickland

Bespoke Eco Pods and

Garden Structures

Weather tested luxury outdoor structures designed for the UK climate

Built using 100% green energy

The Polypod - A luxury woodframed


The Polypod was born whilst developing an entirely different structure, a realisation was made part-way through that it would be fun to cover it in polytunnel plastic rather than canvas or wood. Some tinkering later and new structure emerged from Brambly Poddington Workshops.

Something with a lower carbon footprint and more pleasing to the eye than regular polytunnels.


Aside from changing the rather drab appearance of the polytunnel into more of an aesthetic focal point in ones garden, the Polypod offers other benefits through its design.


• Avoiding heat stress to the cover as it no longer  contacts a metal frame.


• Local sustainably produced materials


• A greater variety of bespoke shapes and features


• Very Low carbon footprint


examples of features that Polypods can include:


• Custom depth raised beds


• Full length vents


• Apex vents


• Staging and shelving


• Guttering


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